Save-a-Lot is my go-to store for doing Keto on a budget-especially for meat purchases. Assuming I’m not already stocked up on meat in my freezer from Zaycon (if you don’t know about Zaycon, check them out here-they’re amazing and a hug money saver) that is. This week Save-a-Lot has some great meat and veggie prices and a 2-day Mega Meat sale March 9 and 10th. I highly recommend you check it out! Remember to check your local ad for sale prices and dates in your area!

3-day Meal Plan
This meal plan focuses on using the ingredients that are on sale this week. You can always repeat this plan after 3 days to stretch to a 6+ day meal plan. Or create your own! Arecipes and net carb information I’ve included are linked to other sites. Feel free to share your meal pictures or experiences in the comments below or  join our Facebook group and share with us there!

Day 1
Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee (recipe here) or if you don’t like coffee or it isn’t enough, try 2 eggs any style and 2 pieces of bacon
Lunch: Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad (recipe here)-substitute Dole Garden salad mix for the romaine lettuce
Dinner: St. Louis Ribs-Keto style (recipe here) and serving of steamed frozen veggies (your choice) with butter
Snack: half an avocado or cheese cubes/slices

Day 2
Breakfast: Bacon and Egg fat bombs (recipe here)
Lunch: Keto Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocado (recipe here)
Dinner: Keto Mississippi Roast (recipe here) with a side salad using the Dole Garden Salad mix
Snack: Pickles or olives or half an avocado

Day 3
Breakfast: Avocado Breakfast Bowl (recipe here)
Lunch: Bacon wrapped chicken tenders (recipe here)
Dinner: Keto Chicken Wings (recipe here). if needed, frozen veggies with butter or salad as a side
Snack: Fat Bombs (recipes here)


This week’s deals: 

• Sirloin Tip Roast: $2.99/pound
• Ribeye Steaks: $5.99/pound
• Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts: $1.69/pound
• Smithfield Bacon: $3.99/pound
• Avocados: 2/$1
• Dole Garden Salad Mix: $0.79/bag
• Frozen Vegetables: $0.99/1 pound bag
Pork Spare Ribs: $1.59/pound (this is a stock up price for me) sale only 3/9-3/10
• Chicken Wings: $6.99/3 pound bag –sale only 3/9-3/10

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