Enlightened is a low calorie, low (net) carb, usually expensive, delicious ice cream that would fit most people’s diet-especially if you’re on a low carb or Keto diet. The biggest problem I have is that it is so good, I have trouble not eating the whole thing. At my local store, Enlightened is normally $5.99/pint, so when I see it on sale, I get excited. And if the price is really good, I stock up. 

Right now at Price Rite, pints of Enlightened ice cream on sale for only  $2.88 each! 

This is a great price to begin with, but when you combine it with an Ibotta deal to get back $1.25 for each pint you purchase, you end up snagging these for only $1.67! Which is incredible. If you have the freezer space and love ice cream, I suggest stocking up. 

How do I get the deal?

1. Sign up for or log in to Ibotta.
2. Go to Price Rite (if it’s not in your “favorite” stores list, search for it). 
3. Go to the “frozen” section and click on the Enlightened offer. Answer the question, and this is now added to your offers.

4. Go to Price Rite and buy Enlightened (any flavors). Remember this offer only allows you to redeem 5 per receipt.

5. Upload your receipts to the Ibotta app. 

What if there is no Price Rite near me?

If you’re not near a Price Rite, you might not be able to get pints as low as $1.63, but this Ibotta offer is good at other stores, so you can at least get $1.25 off each one you purchase. This offer is good at Target, Wegmans, Whole Foods, Kroger and more. Log into the Ibotta app and search for “Enlightened” to see what stores near you are offering the discount!

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a smart phone app that allows you to earn CASH back for groceries/items you purchase. 

You download the app, select the offers, go shopping and then scan in your receipt. Ibotta will add cash to your account balance. You can get your cash via PayPal or Venmo or purchase gift cards through Ibotta-whichever you prefer. 

This is one of my favorite ways to save money and stick to my budget, because I earn actual cash back and not “points” or “rewards” that I have to use at a specific store. 

Want to get $10 FREE?

If you’re new to Ibotta, you can earn $10 by signing up through my link (here) or by entering referral code: kvthdce

Let us know in the comments how many pints you snagged and what flavors you picked up!

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