If you’re doing the Keto diet on a budget, you know there are a lot of staple foods that rarely go on sale and that there are rarely if ever coupons for.

So one way to stick to your budget and save money is to use coupons. The idea is is to always pay the lowest price for products when you can so that way you can use those savings on the higher priced Keto necessities.

You can always look for printable coupons on various websites as they become available, but one tried and true source for coupons is your Sunday newspaper. So before you toss or recycle your paper, check out the list below of this week’s most Keto friendly coupons you should find in this week’s paper.

Remember that coupons and their values can be regional, so always check your for the most accurate information.

This week, you can expect 2 inserts in the ad section of your Sunday paper, so make sure you look for both the Red Plum and Smart Source inserts.

In the Red Plum look for coupons for*:
Equal $1/1 product (3/23)
Tyson $1.50/1 chicken strips or any’tizers snack product dnd (3/11)

In the Smart Source look for coupons for:
FreeStyle $5/1 precision neo meter dnd (3/18)
Land O’Frost $.75/1 premium, bistro favorites or Canadian bacon (2/19)
Tabasco $1.15/1 product 5oz+ (3/4)
Wish-Bone $1/1 12oz dressing dnd (3/4)
Wish-Bone $1/2 12oz+ dressings dnd (3/4)
Wish-Bone $1/2 8oz dressings dnd (3/4)
Wonderful $.50/1 pistachios product 5-8oz (3/21)
Wonderful $1/1 pistachios product 14oz+ (3/21)

*to read: the name of the product is first, then the value of the coupon, followed by the number of items that must be purchased, then any additional details in () is the expiration date of the coupon. Ex: Equal $1/1 product (3/23)-this means the coupon is for $1 off of one equal product that expires on 3/23/18

There is nothing earth shattering or exciting in this week’s ad, so I don’t recommend rushing out to buy a paper. But if you already get the paper or can snag coupons from a friend or family member, you should clip and hold on to these and hopefully score some nice deals in the future. And remember it never hurts to have more than one of the same coupon, in case you might want to stock up on something!

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