Keto groceries on sale starting 1/31 plus meal plan

Aldi is full of great grocery deals this week. Especially if you’re doing the Keto diet and sticking to a budget. I’ve listed the best deals from this week’s ad. And as a bonus, I’ve included a meal plan-you can get all of the ingredients for this meal plan at Aldi-saving you time and money. 

Remember to check your local store because sale items and the dates the sales run are regional. After checking ads around the country, the most variance you will find is in the produce selection that is on sale and the sale dates. Some areas run M-S and some run W-T…so check it your ad here.

This week’s deals: 

Large Hass Avocados: $0.49/each
Red Onions: $0.99/2 pound bag
Seedless Cucumbers: $0.69/each
Bell peppers: $1.69/3 pack
Chicken Tenderloins: $1.99/pound
Chicken Wings: $1.99/pound-sold in 48oz package
• Ground Beef 73%: $1.99/pound sold in 5 pound package
• St. Louis Pork Ribs: $1.99/pound
• Cream Cheese: $1.29/8oz
• Hot Sauce: $0.85/12oz bottle
Italian Sausage or Bratwurst: $1.99/19 oz package

Deals marked in red are super low prices and I would recommend stocking up on as much as you can use or freeze!

4 Day Meal Plan
This meal plan is designed for one stop shopping at Aldi-there are no ingredients you have to order online or shop elsewhere for. This meal plan also tries to use sale items to your costs low and help you stick to your budget.
This meal plan is also designed for “lazy keto”-which is those who are only counting net carbs. If you are tracking all your macros, you will need to calculate those or check the recipe.
Some recipes make multiple servings, so you can always use those leftovers for additional meals and stretch this plan longer to 5-7 days.
I recommend printing out each recipe and the grocery list. Check your cupboards to see what you already have and cross those items off the list and save money!
Day 1:
Breakfast-7 net carbs
Pepper and Onion Omelette (recipe here) 
Lunch-6 net carbs
Taco Stuffed Avocado (recipe here)
Dinner-3 net carbs
Keto Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole (recipe here)
Day 2: 
Breakfast-2 net carbs
Baked Egg in Avocado (recipe here)
Lunch-about 5 net carbs
Keto Cucumber Bites (recipe here)
Dinner-7 net carbs
Low Carb Stuffed Peppers (recipe here)
Day 3:
Breakfast-2 net carbs depending on ingredients
Egg sausage muffins (recipe here)
Lunch-9 net carbs 
Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocados (recipe here)
Dinner-0 net carbs depending on sauce used-I suggest butter and hot sauce!
Crispy Oven Chicken Wings (recipe here)
Day 4: 
Breakfast-1.8 net carbs
3 eggs scrambled in 1 tbsp of butter (no recipe needed)
Lunch-net carbs will vary based on the size of your cucumber 1oz=about 1 net carb
Tuna and cucumber boats (recipe here)
     -if your budget is tight, you can skip the feta cheese in this recipe
Dinner-2.5 carbs
One Pan Chicken Fajitas (recipe here)-sub in chicken tenderloins in this recipe
Top this with sour cream for extra 1 net carb/tablespoon or Cheese for extra 1 net carb/oz
*if you are hungry on any of the days, please feel free to add a snack or 2. Snack ideas: deviled eggs (recipe here), cheese and salami (both available at Aldi), more avocado since they are on sale, cucumbers or peppers with cream cheese.

Grocery List: 

bell pepper
ground beef
bacon (you can skip if it doesn’t fit your budget and just leave it out of the recipe)
chicken tenderloin
canned tuna
cheddar cheese
mozzarella cheese
feta cheese (optional)
cream cheese

diced tomatoes
heavy cream
salt and pepper
chives (can use fresh or dried)
dill weed (can use fresh or dried)
taco seasoning
baking powder


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