All the best picks for Keto deals this week! (just in time for the weekend)

Even though the stores are packed, I usually find myself shopping on the weekend. I try my best to get my shopping in during the week, but I usually head out Saturday to snag up the last of the week’s deals before the sales end so I don’t miss out. I’m sure many of you find yourself in the store over the weekend too-either you’re like me and can’t pass up a deal or work and life has been too busy all week long. I’ve searched out the best Keto grocery store deals this week and put them together in a handy reference list. Use the list to save the most money, reduce stress and time.

Remember to check your local stores and ads since sales and pricing vary by location.


I don’t usually shop at Target for groceries, because in my area, they don’t have the best prices for Keto groceries. Plus I have trouble leaving Target without spending more than I wanted to and buying items that weren’t on my list. But, when Target has great coupons and gift card deals, I break my own rules. This week Target is offering a $10 gift card when you spend $50 in food/beverage.

My favorite way to use a deal like this is to stock up on non perishable items that don’t usually have coupons that I buy anyway. This week, I stocked up on diet soda, macadamia nuts and Mio. You could also stock up on almonds, natural peanut butter, coffee, frozen veggies, meat that is on sale, low carb wraps or anything you normally buy!

Sale Items:

♦ Eggs 18/$0.99
♦ Coke 12 packs 4/$13
♦ LaCroix 3/$10
♦ Starbucks coffee $5.99/bag
♦ Frozen Turkey $0.69/pound

♦ Philadelphia Cream Cheese 3/$5 (if it’s on sale, I like to use the brand name because it has less carbs)
♦ Bird’s eye and Green Giant frozen veggies $0.99/bag

Cartwheel Offers (if you don’t know about or how to use cartwheel, check out this article)

♦ 40% off Pepsi 0 calorie 12oz can 12 packs
♦ 50% off Pepsi 0 calorie multipack bottles
♦ 25% off Bird’s Eye frozen veggies (combined with the sale, it’s an even better deal)
♦ 20% off Smucker’s all natural Peanut Butter
♦ 20% off Truvia natural sweeteners (make sure to check for hidden carbs)

You can combine the gift card deal with Target cartwheel offers and sale items. The possibilities are endless and if you need inspiration for the best deals, check out Totally Target‘s page (here)

PK nut butter11
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Normally, I do a weekly post for Aldi with a meal plan to use the sale ingredients but this week the Aldi ad doesn’t have many Keto deals, so there is no separate post. If Aldi is your normal store, you might consider snagging some of these deals:

♦ Asparagus $1.49/pound
♦ Brussel Sprouts $1.29/pound
♦ Green Beans $0.99/pound
♦ Ham $0.95/pound
♦ Cream Cheese $1.29/package


There are no Publix stores in my area, so I rely on the Publix website and IHeartPulix (visit here) for these deals.

Best deal this week is FREE Splenda naturals-made with Stevia and Erythritol so no non Keto ingredients! This deal does require coupons, so I hope you followed my advice in last’s weeks article where I recommend you clip the Splenda coupons (see the article here).

Here are the best Publix deals: 

♦ Splenda naturals as low as FREE (see deal here
♦ Lindsay Olives as low as $0.50/can (see deal here
♦ Oscar Mayer Bacon Buy one Get one FREE 
♦ Iceburg Lettuce Buy one Get one FREE
♦ Mount Olive Pickles Buy one Get one FREE


Save-a-Lot is usually my go to store for meat purchases. But this week, there is nothing news worthy in store or in their ad. So I suggest skipping it, unless this is your regular store.


This is another store that sadly is not in my area. I know Kroger stores stock Real Good Pizza and Enchiladas which is awesome! The sales below are straight from the Kroger ad. If you’re a Kroger shopper, feel free to comment below with any deals you can point us to!

♦ Standing Rib Roast $5.99/pound
♦ Coke, Pepsi, 7up products 4/$12
♦ Kroger or Green Giant frozen veggies 10/$10
♦ Green Beans $0.99/pound
♦ Oscar Mayer Bacon $3.99
♦ Kroger Butter $2.29/pound
♦ Kroger Sour Cream $0.79/each

Price RIte

Price Rite is the closest grocery store to my house-I’m talking walking distance. So I feel in love shopping here out of necessity, but they do have excellent deals quite often.

Here are the best deals this week:

♦ Price Rite chunk or shredded cheese $0.99/each (8oz) must buy in multiples of 3
♦ Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.88/pound
♦ Vlassic Pickles $1.49/each must buy in multiples of 3
♦ Chicken thighs and drumsticks $0.88/pound

♦ Enlightened Ice Cream $2.88/pint


Have a great deal that you didn’t see here? Post it below in the comments or join our Facebook group to share. And see the latest deals posted by me and our members! 

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