When I started the Keto diet, I quickly learned that my grocery shopping and more importantly my grocery budget were looking very different. And much more expensive. But doing Keto on a budget is possible-I promise! Today I’m going to share one of my secrets for getting high quality meat, while sticking to your Keto budget. 

Tackle the biggest budget problem first!

The biggest part of my Keto budget is meat. And I mean, delicious high fat, mouth watering meat. A great thing about the Keto diet, is that the focus is on getting 65-80% of calories from fat. That means, you are buying fattier cuts of meat and those tend to be less expensive than lean meats.  Huge money saver. But , the downside is, there are no more empty carbs on the side or meatless dinners to help pad your budget. 

What can you do? You could keep buying small packages of meat at the grocery store and just increase your Keto food budget. Or, you could switch to lower quality meat. If you’re really feeling the budget belt tighten, you could give up shrimp and bacon and go with chicken drumsticks (which are almost always the cheapest meat at my local store).  

The best solution: start buying high quality meat at wholesale prices from Zaycon Fresh!

What is Zaycon Fresh?

Zaycon Fresh is a company based out of Spokane Washington. Zaycon‘s mission is to bring high quality, farm fresh meat to you and me at low wholesale prices. Their motto is: “Quality food at unbeatable value, direct from the farm to your family table. That’s Zaycon!”

Zaycon offers ground beef, pork chops, bacon, chicken wings, strip steaks, chicken breasts, wild shrimp, chuck roast and more. The meat that you order comes straight from the farm (or sea) to you and me. Because there is no “middleman”, you get the savings. Zaycon isn’t a delivery service, so there is no extra cost that you have to pay out of pocket or hidden within higher priced meats. 

Here’s how it works: 

Zaycon travels to a “pick-up” location in your area on a set date. Whatever you ordered from Zaycon‘s website is available to pick up on the date you selected. It’s that easy, order, mark your calendar and pick it up.

Everything from Zaycon is sold by the case. You want to be prepared to fit what you can’t use within the next week, in your freezer. I suggest anyone who is doing Keto on a budget should have an extra freezer for storing amazing deals (meat and veggies and more). 

One last tip to save you even more!

Sign up on Zaycon‘s website. 

I’m going to repeat that: sign up on Zaycon’s

I recommend this, because once you’ve signed up, they will email you coupon codes, new products and alerts for when stuff is on sale in your area. 

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Zaycon with a coupon code that scored me chicken breasts for $0.99/pound. That’s an amazing deal-that is the lowest price I’ve ever seen on chicken breasts. One time at my local grocery store and this time from Zaycon. 

A couple of weeks after the awesome chicken deal, I got another e-mail from Zaycon for wild caught shrimp for $5.99/pound. My stock up price on regular store bought frozen shrimp is $5.50/pound. So for 50 cents more to get wild caught shrimp, you just can’t go wrong. 

Head to Zaycon and start getting cheap high quality meat for yourself! Comment below with your favorite deal. 

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