10 Keto Halloween Costume Ideas

Keto Halloween Costume Ideas

If you love Keto as much as I do, you might be thinking of incorporating a Keto Halloween costume into your celebration this year. 

I’ve got you covered. I’ve picked out 10 great Keto costume ideas for you. I’ve also included hacks wherever possible to make these ideas cheaper and budget friendly. 

Plus if you scroll to the end, you’ll see 3 sarcastic costume t-shirts if dressing up isn’t your thing. 

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1. Butcher

Meat=Keto…right 🙂

A butcher costume is a great Keto Halloween costume idea. 

You can buy this get-up on Amazon (here). But this would be a super easy and budget friendly costume to make yourself. 

If you want to DIY this yourself, take an old apron, splotch it with red paint and a cleaver(which you probably already have at home) and bam, you’re ready to go! 

2. Bacon

Bacon! Bacon!! Bacon!!!

Need I say more? 

Grab this bacon costume here!


This couldn’t be cheesier….but being a wedge of cheese makes for a simple and easy Keto Halloween costume. 

Pick up this cheesy costume here!

Budget hack: If you’re pinching pennies this season and don’t want to buy a costume, make this one yourself:

  1. Use 2 sheets of yellow poster or foam board
  2. Cut into wedge shaped triangles
  3. Draw or paint cheese “holes” on both boards
  4. Fasten the two wedges (cheese holes on the outside) together and wear it like a sandwich board!

4. Couples Keto costume: bacon & eggs

This Keto Halloween Costume is BAE! Bacon and Eggs.

Show off your love for your partner and for Keto with this cute couples costume!

You can check out and buy this BAE costume here!

5. Diet Coke

Grab this Diet Coke costume here!

6. Chili Pepper

What do you get when you cross a chili pepper, a shovel and a pitbull?

The perfect Keto Halloween Costume


I just couldn’t resist telling that joke. 

If you want to be a chili pepper for Halloween this year, click here to grab yours!

7. Be a STEAK!

Steak is the ultimate Keto meal in my opinion. It might even be the ultimate Keto Halloween costume. 

This steak costume would only be better if you added a sign to the front of back that said Keto or Keto AF! 

If you want to be steak, click here!

If you’re not up for a full on steak, check out this awesome steak hat you could try!

8. A Turkey

I laughed so hard when I saw this one! Turkey is Keto, plus this inflatable Keto Halloween costume is hilarious. 

Grab this inflatable turkey costume here!

Plus, if you really love dressing up, you can wear this for Thanksgiving and even Christmas since there is a Santa hat. 

9. Avocado

Be an avocado by clicking here to get yours!

If you want to make this a family affair, you can pick up a baby avocado costume -how cute!

10: Grill Master

Pick up your grill master costume here!

Budget tip: Use an apron you already have on hand, carry around some grill tools or wear a grill “tool belt” and you have an instant (and free) grill master costume!

Hate costumes?

Try one of these sarcastic non-costume t-shirts. You’ll have a Keto Halloween costume in no time!

You can be lettuce, filet mignon or even a macadamia nut in no time!

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