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Keto Discounts

The Keto diet doesn’t have to be expensive. The trick to saving money on Keto and sticking to your budget is to shop SMART. Never pay more than you have to-always wait for a sale or a discount. And I’m here to help you do just that. I’ve reached out to some wonderful companies with Keto products for discounts for all our Keto on a Dime Readers. I’ve complied the list below to help you save on Keto staples, treats and more. 

Contact me if you have a product you think we should add to this list! Or if you have a product and a discount to offer. 

Happy Shopping!


Save 18% on Perfect Keto Supplements with code: ketoonadime. Perfect Keto offers collagen, MCT oil, exogeneous ketones and more. My personal favorite is the vanilla collagen (see it here)-it is creamy, delicious, slightly sweet and gives me softer skin and hair, harder nails and less achey joints!

ULTIMA Replenisher Elctrolytes

Avoid the Keto flu by keeping your electrolytes on point with Ultima. Make sure you’re getting enough magnesium, potassium and sodium. You can learn more about electrolytes and the Keto flu here. Get a 15% off discount with code: ULFBKETO


smartbun promo

Get a discount on Smart Baking Company products! They make Keto friendly cakes and buns. All of their baked goods are amazing and to be honest, you won’t even realize that they are low carb. Use code: KetoonaDime for a 10% discount! 

(pizza and enchiladas)

Frozen, easy to prep Keto friendly PIZZA and ENCHILADAS-yes please. Check out Real Good Foods and stock your freezer! Get a $10 discount with code: ketoonadime


Legendary Foods offer low carb, super creamy, amazingly flavored nut butters as well as fun flavored seasoned nuts. These are Keto friendly and make great snacks! Coupon code: ketokelly will get you a 10% discount on your Legendary Foods purchase!


ChocZero offers low carb, sugar free syrups (chocolate, blueberry, maple and more) and sugar free, low carb chocolate square. Get  Use code: ketoonadime for a 10% discount. 

NUI (formerly Keto Kookie)

Nui are delicious Keto cookies is 4 flavors with 2 net carbs or less! These cookies give all the goodness of a buttery gourmet cookie gluten-free and without added sugar. Grad some today! Use code: ketoonadime


Smart Sweets are all natural, sugar alcohol free, high in fiber and made in the USA. 3g of sugar per bag. Low carb. Need I say more. Try the sweet and the sour! Use code: keto_on_a_dime to get free shipping on your order (12 bag minimum)! 

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