Keto Deals and Recipe Ideas at Aldi (week of 11/7)

This week at Aldi, you can look for great deals on turkey, spaghetti squash, avocados and more!

Plus look for butter for $2.29/pound! This is a stock up price for me. I plan to buy enough for Thanksgiving cooking, holiday banking and a few extra boxes for regular use. I’ll keep some in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

As usual, I’ve put together a list of Keto recipe ideas that use the ingredients that are on sale. Lots of options that will help you reuse groceries that are on sale throughout the week. This way, you’re saving money and not eating the same boring meal everyday!

Remember always check your local store and ad for prices and sales date. These vary by location!

This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. Full Disclosure

What’s on sale this week:

☑️ Chicken Breasts: $1.69/pound
☑️ Cooking Stock: $1.49/32 oz box
☑️ Cream Cheese: $0.69/8 oz
☑️ Butter: $2.29/pound 
☑️ Whole Turkey: $0.87/pound
☑️ Spaghetti Squash: $.39/pound
☑️ Blackberries: $1.19/pound
☑️ Bagged Garden Salad: $0.79/bag
☑️ Avocados: $0.59/each

Bonus: Cheese Advent Calendar! $12.99 This is perfect if you’re trying to stay Keto through the holidays!

***Butter is highlighted in red as a stock up price. Meaning this is a super low price and you should buy a bunch to use and freeze to save money***

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Meal Ideas
Feel free to share your meal pictures or experiences in the comments below or  join our Facebook group and share with us there!

Breakfast Ideas:
– Bulletproof Coffee (recipe here) This is my personal staple breakfast-coffee all the way!
– Instant Pot Keto Breakfast Casserole (recipe here)
– Keto Blackberry Egg Bake (recipe here)
– Keto Avocado and Cheese Breakfast Muffins (recipe here)
– Keto Cream Cheese Sausage Squares (recipe here)
– Keto Breakfast Burger with Avocado Buns (recipe here)

Main Dish (lunch and dinner) Ideas:
– Southwestern Chicken Salad with Bacon and Avocado (recipe here)
– Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole (recipe here)
– Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts (recipe here).
– Keto Roasted Turkey (recipe here)
– Low Carb Chicken Soup with Spaghetti Squash Noodles  (recipe here)
– Cream Cheese Spinach Stuffed Chicken (recipe here)

Side Dish Ideas:
– Bacon Wrapped Avocado (recipe here)
– Baked Keto Spaghetti Squash (recipe here)
– Low Carb Avocado Fries (recipe here)
– Spaghetti Squash Fritters (recipe here)

Dessert/Fat Bomb Ideas:
– Keto Friendly Chocolate Avocado Fat Bombs (recipe here)
– Blackberry Nut Fat Bombs (recipe here)
– Healthy Chocolate Avocado Brownie Recipes (recipe here)
– Blackberry Custard Pie (recipe here)
– Sugar Free Cheesecake Keto Mousse Fluff (recipe here)

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