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Perfect Keto Single Size
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This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. Full Disclosure

Perfect Keto Singles are finally HERE! Meaning you can sample before you decide to buy.

You can try the base, matcha MCT powder, collagen or unflavored MCT powder. 5 single serving packet are just right for on the go or testing out a sample of something new!

Do I really need supplements to do Keto?

Ok, here’s the truth…you don’t need supplements to do the Keto diet.

You also don’t NEED to drink coffee every morning.

I’m mostly joking, but I said that to make a point. I could totally survive each day without guzzling down a delicious steaming mug chock full of caffeine each morning. But I don’t. I love coffee, I love how the caffeine jolts me into the day.

This is how I feel about supplements. I don’t NEED them. You don’t NEED them. But they can HELP. Keep reading and I’ll walk you through what each of the new sample size Keto supplements are good for, give you some recipes. PLUS an awesome 18% off coupon code for when you are ready to buy full sized products!

Who are Perfect Keto Singles for?

If you’ve ever wanted to try Perfect Keto….Singles are for you.

If you already love Perfect Keto but want to try a new product….Singles are for you.

If you’ve ever traveled or tried to be healthy on-the-go… you guessed it… Singles might be for you!

So, basically everyone!

Keep reading to get the skinny on what each of the Perfect Keto singles products are best for and how to use them!

Perfect Keto Base

What is Perfect Keto Base? These are exogenous ketones. Ketones are a non-carb source of energy (a metabolite of fat) and they are fantastic for energizing the body, especially the heart and brain.

When should I use it? Just think of this as instant energy (real, usable energy…not a stimulant), and ask yourself – When would I like some extra energy? Could be:

  1. To beat the Keto Flu
  2. For performance at work or exercising. I most often take exogenous ketones before a really intense workout or competition. SInce I do a lot of lifting, strongman competitions and highland games, I can use the boost. My favorite is the chocolate sea salt flavor. And it works everytime!
  3. To get back into ketosis after eating an anti-ketogenic meal

How: Just water is great, but get creative too! I usually add mine to coffee with heavy cream and blend it up to get it super frothy.

Pro-tip: Start small (1/4-1/2 scoop) and move up from there.

MCT Oil Powder (unflavored)

What is MCT oil powder? MCT’s are the concentrated healthy fats from coconut oil. They are a much faster source of energy than most fats. They also are fantastic for the brain so many folks take these for a mental boost. Think of these as your fast (and longer lasting than the ketones) boost.

When: Anytime you need energy! Again, think:

  1. Morning coffee
  2. Pre or post-exercise drinks/smoothies
  3. Snack replacement (they’re super satiating)

How: Water or really whatever you’re drinking! It adds a great creaminess to anything. Please try these in some baking recipes, too.

Matcha Latte MCT Oil Powder

What is Matcha Latte MCT Oil Powder ? The same pure MCT oil powder + ceremonial grade matcha tea. This will provide the same benefits as above, plus a little caffeine and the amazing flavor and antioxidant power of matcha.

When: Anytime.  Probably best in the am or midday for an extra boost. This is next on my list to try!

How: Oh boy, another toughie. Iced water or hot water is great, same with nut milks, and check out these matcha fat bomb!

Keto Collagen

What is Keto Collagen? This is collagen protein paired with 5g of MCTs. The collagen is phenomenal for recovery of soft tissues, skin, nail, gut lining, etc. It’s a moderate dose of protein and mixed with MCT fats to blunt insulin.

When: Anytime! This is my all time FAVORITE Perfect Keto product. I love the vanilla flavor the best. It is creamy and slightly sweet. Mixes great in a smoothie or in my morning coffee. Makes my hair super smooth, strong and shiny. Same with my nails. If you haven’t tried this yet, make this the first Perfect Keto single you try!

How: I use this in coffee with a bit of heavy cream. Or with a spinach and a couple of berries for a green smoothie. Check out my “most delicious” bulletproof coffee recipe that uses this collagen!

What about the cost?

Perfect Keto singles are more expensive per serving than if you buy a full sized product. You’re paying for convenience and to test out a new flavor or product.

Think about this…..I’m going to get a cheaper price for meat per pound if I buy in bulk or a family pack of meat than if I buy a regular size portion. Same with almost any product-you generally pay more when you buy a smaller portion.

Same thing with pre-cut and washed veggies at the grocery store. Sometimes you need them because you’re too busy, you’re paying for convenience.

Remember, it’s your budget. You’re telling your money what to do and you get to decide how to spend it. But if you have room in your budget, I highly suggest picking up some Perfect Keto  singles to find out what you like best and what works for you.

Then, when you’re ready to order full size products, you can use code: KETOONADIME and get 18% off your order. Check out all full size products here.

Comment below and let me know what you decided to try!

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